About the restaurant & the chef

In ancient times, the restaurant Hosteria’s building was born as a hunting lodge for the Benedictine monks, then was transformed into a country inn in the first half of the 1800, because Sant’Eufemia was the main road that cross the city of Brescia, widely used to weight the chariots. Famous point of refreshment for the travellers, with the strength of his proximity to water sources, the country inn was built with a huge brick-made roof, perfectly preserved nowadays.

Emanuele Bettini, after a long international experience, starting in the most famous restaurants of Brescia, passing by Le Quatre Saison in Lyon and Elephant Hill Hotel in Victoria’s Falls in Zimbabwe, is assisted by his wife Stefania. He took over the restaurant in 1994, and transformed the kitchen and the dining options, focusing on great quality products, cooking at the moment every dishes and taking care of the food from purchase to the table.

The menu is well cared for, and the foods carry a monthly rotation in accordance with the products of the season. Hosteria’s cooking stands mainly on vegetables and meat dishes, with some exceptions for the fish, that comes directly from the lake or the sea by great experienced fishermen. The wine list has over 800 domestic and foreign labels. The desserts are strictly house-made.